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Cher the living legend of the industry is on her way to Las Vegas to give the most memorable performance of her life. She has an amazing voice and will be singing all your favorite tracks right in front of you live. This lady has garnered a massive appreciation and has sold more than 100 million records around the globe. TheGrammy Award winner is all charged up to make this upcoming concert the biggest success of the year 2011. Be there if you really want to have a great time. Grab your Cher Tickets right away

With packed out stadium and cheerleaders excitedly hooting for the young players, The Flames sports events held at Chicago have always been a great sight. The all time favorite team of Chicago has proved its great sports abilities over and over again. With a wonderful pavilion and enormously supportive sports club, the players are highly motivated to perform at their best. Both their men and women teams have a long list of victories. Be there to cheer for them at their next event and do not forget to buy your Flames Tickets!

AC Milan (Associazione Calcio Milan)is the name of the famous professional football club based in Italy. AC Milan was founded in 1899 by Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin.?á The team has mostly played in the top-flight football Serie A. Being among the top football clubs in the world, AC Milan has won the International titles 18 times, World titles 4 times and 29 Domestic Championships. The team has a very high ranking and it has also won the FIFA Club World Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. The Italian Prime Minister owns the club. Buy the AC Milan Tickets and enjoy the outclass sport of football.

Chicago Bears are among the top American football teams of not just their North Division but of the entire National Football League. They have set numerous winning records. They hold the record of maximum victories in a regular season as well as in the overall history of the League. In November 2010, they completed their seven century of victories. Chicago Bears also holds the record of maximum number of inductees, twenty seven, in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and maximum number of retired jerseys, thirteen. Witness them setting new records and creating history in football this season with your Chicago Bears Tickets.

One of the most exciting golf championships that has been taking place in Atlanta is the Tour Championship Atlanta. This event is the final event of FedEx Tour and this event takes place on the very scenic East Lake Golf Club. Legendary player Tiger Woods hold the record score in this tournament since 2007 but the current champion is Jim Furyk. The prize money for this event is $7500000. This golfing event is surely one that you can''t miss so get your pga tour championship tickets for an unforgettable experience!

Both the athletic men and women of the University of Georgia are split up into 19 varsity teams that include games such as golf, football, tennis, gymnastics and so on. The Georgia Bulldogs have been training hard for this day and hopefully they will generate positive results. Some of the legendary coaches that are currently working with the players are Jay Clark, Jack Bauerle, Mark Richt etc. Above all, the team has got two very entertaining mascots, ''Uga'' and ''Hairy Dawg''. Uga is a real dog and the other one is a bobble headed giant dog. Get your georgia bulldogs football tickets for all the fun!

Feld Entertainment & Disney have collaborated on an innovative venture that is sure to reinvent children''s perception of Disney characters. Disney on Ice has characters that derive their music & storylines from their films & act out cameos while figure-skating. The Princess Classics feature takes characters from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty & various fairytale female leads. Princess Classics started out in 2002, & after touring Australia, Europe & Middle East, it returns to America. Denver & Phoenix are the next stops, & Disney On Ice Princess Classics Tickets are a must-have for quality child entertainment.

All you grownups out there it''s time to take a plunge back into your childhood. Sesame Street Live 123 Imagine is a fun way to educate your children through an inspirational live performance. At the same time it brings back some of your own pleasant childhood memories. As the show now comes to Houston make sure you click on your deals of the Sesame Street Live Imagine Houston Tickets right away. 123 Imagine is all about doing the impossible and dreaming big. Widen your child''s thinking horizons and book your ticket deals now!